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10 Ways To Make Your Pad A Place She Can’t Resist

No, silk sheets isn't one of them.

Here's a few tips and tricks that will turn your home from a place she puts up with, to a place she can't get enough of.

1.) It's All About The Mattress

Regardless of the events you may have planned, there’s nothing worse than a lumpy mattress. If it’s time to take your mattress game to the next level, we highly recommend our friends over at Leesa. Insanely comfortable and shockingly affordable, it’s at your door in a compact packaging via a seamless online ordering process; it’ll make both of your dreams come true. 

2.) Don't Skimp On The Thread Count

All too often is a nice mattress spoiled by cheap department store bedding. Splurge for the step up, and we promise you’ll never turn back…and neither will she. Brooklinen is the real deal.

3.) Expensive Candles = Splurge Worth Making

If you think a nice scented candle costs you any tough-guy points, you’ve got a lot to learn. Even the tidiest of gentlemen need to cover up the smell of their gym shorts occasionally. There’s never a bad time for a sandalwood-scented candle to make the misses feel like she’s been swept off to a log cabin south of the Mason-Dixon. 

4.) Upgrade The Art

Seems like a no-brainer, but get those posters off the wall and hang up some real art. No classy gal wants to spend time in your homage to the frat house. So un-pin Scarface and throw up some nice prints. We recommend a framed Gray Malin photograph or anything from Sonic Editions as starter pieces that won't totally break the bank.

5.) Sommelier Status

In case you haven’t noticed, the key to a woman’s heart is fermented grape juice. Have a good selection of wine on hand, and she’ll never want to leave. Grab a nice wine rack to class up your countertop and stock it with a wide variety of reds. It’s never too late to study up on wine culture, either. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert is a good 101 class--seriously.

6.) Make Your Kitchen Feel Like A Whole Foods

The only thing more important than a strong selection of vino is a stocked kitchen. Fill that bad boy up with some fresh produce and a wide selection of other healthy options and ditch anything that may or may not resemble a Hot Pocket. Bonus points if you actually know how to make something with said food. 

7.) Invest In The Television Setup

Though most will say it’s not make or break, never skimp on the home theater system. A nice surround sound goes for way cheaper than you’d think, and adds so much more in return. You’re not breaking any hearts inviting her over to watch Gravity on your MacBook.   

8.) A Small But Powerful Touch

Another seemingly simple addition that adds more mileage than you’d think: an extra phone charger on the other side of the bed. Should the night go swimmingly (and it should, if you follow our advice), your lass is going to want to have a full charge in her iPhone to brag about you to her friends tomorrow. 

9.) Good Coffee Always Wins

Invest in a quality coffee maker. Not only do the good ones look great, but the quality of java will have her thinking you’re a certified barista. Just make sure you spell her name right.  

10.) Get Cozy

A great secret weapon to add to the arsenal is a few extra comfy blankets for when it gets cold (or not cold, it’s kind of a mystery on that front). Draping a soft layer around her shoulders will definitely have her booking a return flight.