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Take a Virtual Tour of Don Draper’s Stylish NYC Penthouse

Sunken living room, anyone?

For those of you who loved Mad Men, you probably also love Don Draper's New York City penthouse from season five.

Made famous by the Megan Draper scene where she sings "Zou Bisou Bisou" during Don's "surprise" birthday party, every single bit of the place is flat-out cool.

From the old school electronics to the mod design choices, the place is like a time-capsule of good taste circa 1966.

The design credit goes straight to Claudette Didul, who worked with AMC and the Mad Men team to create the space, which draws heavy influence from the 1965 book Decoration USA

Though photos are cool, virtual tours are even cooler. The team at Archilogic created a 3D model that lets you drag and drop furniture from the era and customize the living space.

For anyone just getting into mid-century modern design, consider this your first crash course. 

Fair warning, though – it only plays nice with certain browsers.