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The Ultimate In-House Espresso Machine Has Arrived...And It's Beautiful

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The dudes at Italian company La Marzocco (basically the Ferrari of the espresso industry) made an espresso machine with quality commercial components and a wildly stylish look for an in-home device that would instantly upgrade any kitchen and morning routine. First, let's go over some key features that separate it from whatever device Target is currently selling...


It belongs in a high-end coffee shop, but will do just fine in your kitchen:

When the owners of La Marzocco set out to create their dream home machine, they challenged their team to fit all the quality commercial components into a kitchen ready machine ideal for the discerning barista at home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.19.40 AM

It tastes damn good:

This espresso machine is the last step in a long journey that coffee takes from farm to cup. The consistency created by a commercial pump and closed temperature system ensures the resulting cup honors the delicious intentions of the farmer, processor and roaster.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.04.43 AM

The perfect micro-foam:

With a 3.5 liter dedicated steam boiler your espresso shot won’t be sitting around waiting for it’s latte art finish. The GS3 comes with two steam wand options, the Cool Touch wand for convenience and the Pro wand for more powerful steam.


Amazing temperature stability:

Dual boilers, a saturated grouphead, PID control and Quick Key temperature adjustment, provide commercial-grade temperature control and stability to minimize the variables that impact flavor.

Second, let's see how they build the thing, which is done entirely in Florence...

Last, here are two other things we love...

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1.) You can customize the color and style of the machine no problem here, which gives you a completely personal and one of a kind look.

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2.) They have free online barista classes, which you can watch and learn from here. A few minutes of your time can insure that you're at home espresso is flat out perfect.

Priced at $6,900, this thing is the REAL DEAL and something you'll have for years and years and years. If you're a true espresso enthusiast and want to make every morning feel like you're in Italy, it's a cost that might be seriously worth it. More info here.

H/T Cool Hunting