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Turn Any Warehouse Into An Apartment With These Kitchen And Bedroom Cubes

OK, this is genius.
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The coolest homes and lofts on the planet aren't cookie cutter.

On one hand, you have stylish industrial dream lofts with hefty price tags. On the other, you have dirt cheap warehouses that have the right aesthetic, but not the finishing touches to make it livable. 

With major league construction and remodeling that needs to happen for a spot to go from "abandon warehouse" to "space you can actually live in," people obsessed with tasteful and stylish living often avoid this kind of warehouse makeover due to both hassle and costs. Instead? They end up inking a deal on a practical but run-of-the-mill spot.

No longer.

Here's a look at beautiful modular cubes that Rotterdam-based architects Kraaijvanger designed and created.

They're calling the project The Hub, with a goal of turing empty and abandon buildings into Instagram-worthy affordable housing. 

The kitchen unit is compact, red-and-white, and complete with everything you need to make a spot totally livable, like an easy hook-up to existing water mains, plumping installation, internet connection, heating, sound system, and more. 

There's even a second modular unit for a matching bedroom space. Less essential, sure, but a nice look if you want some privacy and some extra bells and whistles.

There's no word on exact pricing yet, or even a full-blown release date, but if you're a mover and shaker who wants to be one of the first to snag one of these, get in touch with Kraaijvanger directly. They can likely hook you up.