This Office DISAPPEARS at 6pm Every Night To Force Employees Not To Work Late

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Heldegroen, a creative agency out of the Netherlands, has a feature in its office that you'll be extremely jealous of. At exactly 5:59pm everyday, the office simply looks like this... Stylish. Cool. Modern. Very agency-ish.


And the second the clock hits 6:00pm, a lifting mechanism with steel ceiling cables jolts the workspaces, desks, and computers up into the ceiling. So unless you're 14 feet tall, it's pretty impossible to get any work done.


Companies that promote a healthy work/life balance are recruiting the best employees, have incredibly low turnover rates, and simply seem to produce better work. Wish more businesses would take note of things like this and change their corporate slave-labor philosophies. The rest of the office at Heldegroen looks pretty awesome too... Not a bad place to spend your 40 or so hours a week at.





h/t Fast Company