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This Italian Villa Is 1,000% Patrick Bateman Approved


This three-bedroom villa in Northern Italy was designed just right. Based in Milan, JM Architecture was presented a cool project – build a low-key house, and don't use wood. Utilizing tiles from Dutch manufacturer Mosa, they established a look that is clean, sexy, and 1,000% Patrick Bateman approved. 

"Using Mosa presented a 360-degree solution: we could use the tiles indoors and outdoors; on walls and floors; in the pool and around the pool. There were a variety of sizes, tones and two surfaces available: smooth and rough. Both natural and artificial lighting worked with the tiles to produce a homely atmosphere – away from monotonous white and sameness. This is where we really had to think about the relationship between the materials we wanted to use and lighting." – Jacopo Masceroni, Architect

The outdoor area is elegantly complemented with the ceramic tiles to create a feeling of openness anyone would enthusiastically accept. 

The tiles also extend in and around the pool for one hell of a private puddle. Aesthetically, we endorse every exterior detail made to expose the villa's surroundings and views. 

Tile for tile, the folks over at JM Architecture knocked it out of the park. Bravo.