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Industry West has made a name for itself in the last several years as a purveyor of more distinctive pieces than the other ‘west’ furniture brand. If you’re not already familiar, now’s the time to get acquainted with their classic yet contemporary style.

One of their finest examples? The Kangaroo Lounge Chair is a low-slung stunner that we can personally confirm is a compliment-magnet in any living area. We’re partial to the Teak Wood Natural Rattan variation, which imparts a breezy sophistication, but you can’t go wrong with the tan leather or white boucle.

Its rounded angles and elegant form make it a top choice for anyone seeking a subtle conversation-starter. But like all of Industry West’s goods, it doesn’t compromise on function thanks to a sturdy build and long-lasting materials. Best of all, those recently shopping for home goods will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this bad boy ships out almost immediately.

Despite many mainstream furniture brands fielding deep backorders, much of Industry West’s catalog can be in your home in mere days. Consider the brand’s temptingly affordable price points and you can’t go wrong with anything in the portfolio.

Speaking of discounts, AIROWS readers can get a sizable 20% off any Industry West orders with code "AIROWS20" at checkout. And sister site Favor features a bounty of home accessories and objects to complete any aesthetic.

In a world where too many living rooms feel like bland “high-design” furniture brand showrooms, Industry West’s pieces with personality are a welcome antidote.