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This App Allows You To Buy/Sell/Swap Furniture With Ease...And They Move Everything For You

Craigslist, it was nice knowing you.

We couldn't be more thrilled for this app and website because it's simply--SO NEEDED. Selling furniture in 2015 is way too difficult. 

Want to get a few hundo for that nice chesterfield sofa you have but need to replace? You'll have to field two dozen people on Craigslist, arrange your calendars together, and help them move it to their car once they arrive without a friend. The whole process is filled with annoyance and hassle.

Enter Move Loot--what they do is pretty cool. They only accept gorgeous, high design, secondhand pieces--the kind of stuff your apartment or house is already filled with--and make it super easy to buy/sell/swap your furniture--and they'll even pick up what you're selling and drop off what you're buying. No more hiring a moving company because that dining room table won't fit into your SUV or borrowing a friends truck to get that lounge chair home.

It's kind of like a flea market on steroids--we're really excited for what they have going on. Download the app here and check out their website here. They've just expanded outside of San Francisco and will be tackling Los Angeles and New York next.

Here's a look at a sharp loft in NYC designed by Natalie Holbrook, that was put together using (pretty much) only items off of Move Loot. Fantastic stuff that will give you a good idea of the qaulity of home items on the service.