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This 20-Something Built An Amazing Tree House To Live In Because Why The Hell Not?

Just TRY and dislike this. You won't be able to do it.

Quit your soul-crushing day job, buy a cheap part of land in a beautiful area, build an epic treehouse, and live like the king you've always wanted to be. That's exactly what Foster Huntington did--here's a look at his impressive new digs.

The interior is quite cool and stylish too.

Oh--and no big deal--there's also a freaking hot tub and a full-blown skatepark in the "backyard."

Truly amazing. If you're digging this set-up as much as we are, Foster Huntington wrote a book about building this epic living situation that's currently being pre-sold on Kickstarter. Head here to get your order in--it'll make a fine coffee table book in your cookie cutter suburban home.