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Need to upgrade your workspace? Adding any (or all) of the following will at least triple the cool factor. 

The Right Desk: A desk doesn't need to be large to be in charge. This modern Danish one is wonderfully vintage but would also be right at home next to anything contemporary. ($8,000)

The Well Stocked Bar: So you always have the good stuff on hand after a major win. The occasional celebration is welcome. ($6,500)

The Comfortable But Stylish Chair: Many of those ultra-comfortable desk chairs look like something that belong on a Star Trek set. This one has all of that plus the added bonus of looking impeccably beautiful. ($4,527)

The Lamp That Doubles As Art: This is a rare floor lamp by Italian artist Angelo Lelli that was made in the 1950's that will go up and up in value over time. ($20,125)

The Elegant Magazine Rack: A great looking spot for your your favorite reads. ($400)

The Stylish Desk Lamp: Simple, brass, perfectly vintage. This thing gives off a nice warm glow, ideal for the kind of workspace that's the opposite of a florescent-lit cubicle. ($500)

A Cool Vintage Poster (Framed): This is a gorgeous vintage Formula 1 poster that would look great framed and hanged in any kind of workspace. ($570)

Vintage Tiffany and Co Brass Portfolio Desk Clock: A simple desk clock from an iconic brand at a price you can't beat. ($200)

A Pen Worthy Of 7-Figure Deals: Every dude in a poorly fit suit has a MontBlanc pen. This vintage fountain pen is a limited edition from 1963, is made with sterling silver, and has a significantly more interesting look than the standard every other guy has. ($575)

Quality Notebooks For Note Taking: These are perfectly designed and of the highest quality--a nice look that'll make you opt for pen and paper in meetings over the 'ol MacBook any day. ($23)