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Maybe you're at an antique store, flea market, lumber yard, or parents basement and stumble across a beautiful slab of wood that belongs on display. Carpenters and dudes who took Woodshop 101 in high school like it was their calling might be able to make something out of it, but regular guys, like most of you and certainly us, have no means or measure to make that happen. Well, until now.

Presenting: the Floyd Utility Set. For light to heavy uses, it comes with a set containing four industrial-grade corner legs, two cross bracing straps, and four rubber feet. AKA - everything you need to turn a slab of wood into a wildly impressive desk or dining room table. It's easy, simple, and the complete opposite of assembling something from IKEA. 

Priced at $285 and available in both white and black, this is a cost effective way to take your office or dining area from zero to hero. Co-signed.