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Now Is Your Shot to Pick Up a Simplehuman Trash Can at a Discount

If your kitchen has a cheap, plastic trash can on display, you're doing it all wrong. Get it properly upgraded with this stainless steel option from Simplehuman, the minimalistic design firm hellbent on streamlining your home with tasteful and timeless essentials.

Right now, it's 20% off on Amazon with free shipping for Prime subscribers, bringing the price down to $80. But why is a trash can, as good looking as it might be, worth that much money? Well, for starters, the pedal is specially engineered to last a whopping 150,000 steps, which generally takes about 20 years to reach. On top of that, its patented technology lessens the noise when opening and closing the lid, the matte finish stays impossibly clean no matter the mess cooking up a storm makes and its airtight locking system blocks the occasional foul odor and keeps your home smelling like a thoughtfully designed oasis at all times.

For the person who appreciates beautifully designed home goods and notices every detail, this functional and elevated trash solution is a must.