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A Decked Out Shipping Container Makes For One Hell Of A Tiny Office

Available to buy or rent.
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Need an office for yourself or a small team? There are plenty of options out there, but few as cool (or as easy) as this on-demand, completley decked out shipping container that can be delivered to wherever you need. All you need is the land.

Designed by HiLoft and available to buy or rent, it's outfitted with all the bells and whistles and even comes with heated floors and an A/C unit.

Sure, you might only be able to fit two or three people in here at a time, but for self-employed individuals or  small teams, this could easily work out perfectly.

Get in touch with them ASAP if you're interested. Pricing will obviously vary depending on where you need it, but it won't be nearly as bank-busting as you expect.