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Patrick Coard Sculptural Candles Are a Revelation

In a cozy part of Paris, the half-Irish, half-Danish designer Patrick Coard is turning candles into an art form. We’re not talking scented candles, we’re talking sculpted candles. Each one is made to order in black or cream and available in a few different collections.

In the Sculptural collection there’s a bronze insert, so as the candle melts you can start to see it glow from the inside. One series is inspired by 20th-century artist Mondrian. Burn time is over 100 hours.

With the Pillar and Sphere collection Coard plays with texture, the surface of the wax mimicking natural textures like python skin, ostrich skin or shagreen, the rough nubbed skin of a shark or stingray that was a design staple in the Art Deco period. Camouflage pattern is given its due with spheres available in four sizes where the areas of bronze and wax interplay to create the camo effect.

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