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Breeze Through the Dog Days of Summer with Parachute’s Sateen Venice Sheets

Hot take: hotel bed linens are overrated. They’re often the opposite of breathable and don’t have a sumptuously smooth feel to them. In extreme contrast, an embodiment of breathability, we’d willingly refer to Parachute’s Sateen Venice as a cool take.

Fun fact: the Sateen Venice sheets are advertised as having that “sumptuously smooth feel.” But it’s not fluffed-up marketing hype; in a world where millennial-branded sheet brands are more abundant than Marvel multiverses, we’d declare these the best fit for a king or a queen.

For those unfamiliar, Parachute is female-founded, scores top marks in the sustainability category and even offers free styling consultations, both virtually and in any of their 19 brick & mortar locations. They’ve recently expanded beyond sheets into clothing, including from-the-bedsheets-to-the-streets mens’ linen shirts.

If you’ve landed at this URL in search of sheets that aren’t giving air fryer during the dog days of summer nights, consider your search concluded. If mankind has created a set of softer, silkier and more breathable sheets, we’ve yet to luxuriate in them. These are the best damn sheets you’ll ever sleep in, bar none.