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This Masculine Stone Hideaway Is Unlike Any Home You've Seen

Another superhuman build from Olson Kundig.

Its brief was simple: take an owner's affection for rough materials and turn that fondness into a live-in sanctuary embracing its natural surroundings.  Olson Kundig located a rocky canvas in the San Juan Islands of Washington to begin painting their burrowed retreat. The result is a flawlessly constructed pebble-clad refuge. 

The Pierre (stone in French) rightfully celebrates the materiality of the built structure–from mild steel, smooth concrete and drywall–the exquisite exterior is certainly an eye pleaser. Once inside, its neutral backdrop complements its rugged furnishings and contemporary artwork without fault–but don't get too caught up within, its external views looking out to the bay and surrounding landscape are second to none. 

Here's the open house: