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25 Photos of a Masterfully Built 20-Acre Property Nestled in a Remote Glacial Alley

The blueprint-pros from Olson Kundig do it again.

It's safe to say that when a client expresses interest in becoming immersed with their homes' surroundings throughout all four seasons, there's only one call worth making. The design-wizards from Olson Kundig prove yet again that their building style is second to none. And they're not disconnecting their phone lines anytime soon. 

Positioned in the remote Methow Valley, Studhorse stands high and tall, steering engagement for the fortuitous residents and visiting guests. Its structure takes shapes because of a grizzled tradition: circling wagons. With four small, detached structures the property utilizes a central courtyard and pool to anchor it's out-of-the-way beauty. 

Sandwiched between postcard views thanks to Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake, the premises make way for family entertainment and nature-gazing. Who knew living in Winthrop, Washington looked this good? Enjoy this photo tour once (or four times) while we secretly investigate Winthrop real estate.