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This Hidden Home In Northern Portugal Is Enchantingly Eye-Pleasing

Cool little spot.

This valley-retreat has all the Portuguese seductiveness–concrete and timber physique, landscape-views for days, and wooden goods splintering with enough style to impress any next guest. 

The architecture-whisperers from CARVALHO ARAÚJO exploited the Portuguese slopes to show off its curves. The rural retreat flaunts its country beauty with its built-in-panorama aesthetic and outdoor swimming pool. 

The tasteful interiors are naturally lit with gray textiles, foreign angles, and boasts enough wide-open space that will fulfill any business, or pleasure, endeavor. 

At dusk, the Gerês House looks like something you'd envision during a yoga black-out. If you can't find serenity here, you're doing it wrong. 

This looker has everything working for her in all the right ways. If you haven't noticed yet, we're highly jealous of the head honcho who holds the keys to this dazzling fort.