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This Stunning Photo Series Pays Homage To Palm Springs and Classic Cars

Basically two of our favorite things.

Tom Blachford has created a photography series that unifies architecture, classic cars and moonlight to yield a truly cinematic result. 

What started out as a midnight mission in Palm Springs, Blachford would roam the mountain-lit streets to capture the dessert city like no one has before. Now he has the help of the town to help further forge an alluring visual representation of their midcentury-modern designs – and stylish, vintage rides. 

Blachford has been invited back to Palm Springs for the last three years, including using five full moons – and one Super Moon – as natural light to shoot an awe-inspiring Midnight Modern photo series. Go ahead and maximize, these deserve to be viewed in full-screen. 

Starr Road

Los Robles Affair I

Abrigo Corner II 

3133 N Sunnyview

1840 S Caliente I

1659 Via Roberto Miguel

Abrigo Corner I

983 Coronet Circle 

290 E Simms Road