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This Exposed Concrete Home Has the Ultimate Rooftop Pool

The best.

Four hours away from Buenos Aires, there used to be a plot of land parallel to the sea occupying a virgin sand dune. Luciano Kruk Arquitectos was commissioned to exploit this terrain's topography to design a Summer house that would establish a harmonious dialogue with the place's natural surroundings. 

Nestled in maritime pines, Costa Esmeralda is intentionally placed amid the woods – beyond the minimum distances required by regulations to capture the place's immanent atmosphere – to award more interior privacy and structure protection from the free environment. 

Through a narrow staircase you'll find yourself spoiled in an open, bright area serving as the main floor. This design is privacy-complemented with a quadrangular floorplan offering personal retreat rooms in each corner. 

Don't forget a pair of stylish trunks when you find the rooftop. Grasped by the pines' canopies, a swimming pool awaits where views in all directions are always welcomed. 

The wooden-clad deck is also furnished with a shower area embellished by the sight of South American sea. Not bad, right?

The team from Luciano Kruk Arquitectos put together the sleekest Argentinian box we've laid our eyes on – strongly merging its designed flow and mystical ambiance. Wouldn't we all like to Summer here.....