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This Book Is An Ode to the Rugged Elegance of Jackson Hole

For many Jackson Hole, Wyoming epitomizes a certain kind of rugged, rustic elegance that's distinctly American and contemporary. And a great new design book called Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Elegance, being published by Vendome Press on Sept. 24 and now available for pre-order on Amazon, finally gives it due recognition.

In it, authors Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer team with photographer William Abramowicz to showcase the work of their award-winning firm WRJ Design, headquartered in Jackson Hole. Their aesthetic is "versed in the beauty of the wilderness combined with sophisticated contemporary design," unique to the locale but appealing to all.

"Juxtaposing a warm palette with rugged elements," the duo create "homes that have a deep connection to the natural world just outside the windows." Wood, stone and glass are the three main elements that provide the canvas upon which they create their clients' oases.

"It has always seemed to us that a great home should unfold room by room, just like a great book unfolds chapter by chapter," they write. The end result should be "warm and inviting" and you should avoid focusing too closely on a single look, or trying to have all the furniture be an exact match.

And a roaring fire or spectacular view —preferably both — makes a great centerpiece for any room. When it comes to upholstery, they favor fabrics such as cashmere, linen, mohair, and suede in "soft, soothing sages, beiges, creams, and caramels that contrast all the wood and stone, bring the outside in, and enhance the overall ambience of the room."

They also like to contrast contemporary artwork with rustic stone hearths and soaring wooden beams, while their luxurious bathrooms alone are enough to give you an acute case of interior design envy for weeks to come.

Add this book to your library immediately, is our advice.