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Yes, This Affordable Sofa Is Not Too Good to Be True

When living well doesn't need to cost five figures.
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We sung praises about Interior Define before, the upstart changing the custom sofa game, and we're back with another glowing take after test driving one at the HQ for a decent chunk of time.

Until now, the sofa buying process has been incredibly broken. Chain stores are generic and uninspired and boutique stores are priced so high, even the wealthiest of people feel uneasy dropping "2009 Toyota Prius" numbers on a custom sofa. The worst – "value" stores – leave you with a couch that'll look like a saggy bean bag chair in less than a year.

That's why Interior Define is the real deal. The "Everlane of furniture," they cut out the middle man and deliver quality, luxury sofas at a fraction of the price.

Their stuff ranges from giant sectionals to cozy loveseats with dozens of different fabric and sizing choices available. Everything they do is made-to-order, too, so you can customize nearly all of their pieces without significantly altering the price. 

If you're looking to transform your living room space as soon as humanly possible and do so with style, something from their catalog is definitely the ticket. Their base models start at just $1,300 and their larger sectionals go up in price based on their size.

Outside of just pure value, the Interior Define designs are sharp too. With a heavy emphasis on classic meets modern, there's a fabric and shape for any kind of space. If your living room needs a fast and stylish upgrade that won't break the bank, look no further.....