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Finally, An Affordable Way To Buy A Stylish And Quality Sofa

Interior Define is the real deal.
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Buying a fantastic living room sofa is a rite of passage into adulthood, but the process has been broken and flat-out terrible for years.

Why is dumping the fake leather love seat from college and getting into something that looks and feels amazing so impossibly difficult?

And why does nearly every place selling sofas online look like they haven't updated their website since 2003?

The chain stores are generic and uninspired and the boutique stores think theirs sofas are worth as much as a brand new Honda Accord. 

Thankfully and finally – there's a solution. While working at online-first menswear upstart Bonobos, Rob Royer realized just how bonkers buying a sofa has become in 2016 and set out to fix it. He created Interior Define, a Chicago based furniture company hellbent on delivering quality and stylish sofas at super attainable prices.

Here's one of their pieces in a Linc Thelen designed home:

Everything they do is made-to-order, with plenty of customization options at your disposal. It starts with a foundation design of your choice, which mostly lean modern but are timeless enough to fit perfectly into any kind of space. After that, you pick out the type of fabric you want, the legs you'd like, and the size that works best for you. They make it by hand and white glove deliver it your pad at no extra cost. That simple, that easy.

Prices start at $1,000 (with free shipping, remember) and go up depending on the type of sofa and style you roll with. Adding one of these to your cart is highly advised – your living room is begging for an upgrade.