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This Beautiful New Book is Design Porn in Its Most Appealing Form

Best of the best.

The New York Times' Home section was published every week for 38 years until it was killed off in 2015, to the lament of everyone interested in beautiful design. For several years of its most recent existence, it was edited by Noel Millea, whose eye for the coolest, most creative, stunningly stylish interiors is second to none.

So huge props to Rizzoli for bringing back the section's greatest hits in book form. Home: The Best of the New York Times Home Section – The Way We Live Now, edited by Millea, will be published on Oct. 10 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon

The equivalent of dozens of weeks of the section that was religiously devoured by all and sundry, it features envy-inducing abodes ranging from small to stately, rural and urban, historic and cutting-edge. The skill of scores of architects, designers and the homeowners themselves are on vivid display, and the collection of desirable residences has been perfectly curated.

There are 300 full-color photos to be pored over – viz. the incredibly cool outdoor room in Jackson, Wyoming above – for those starting their own design projects or just looking for a vicarious fix. "What comforts you, what inspires you, what you aspire to – all of this, and more, goes into designing a space that represents [the] world you want to live in," Millea writes.

This book is a visual tribute to those who "create environments that are at once so strikingly personal and so exquisitely turned out that the rest of us can only marvel." So snag a copy of this terrific tome and marvel on....