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Five Home Essentials You'd Be Foolish Not to Invest In

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Like everything in life, it's all in the details. So when dialing in your home to reflect your style and taste, don't forget to shell out a few extra dollars on the following must-haves:

Luxurious Sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Collection, $129+

Is there's one thing you absolutely don't want to skimp on, it's sheets. Longtime AIROWS favorite Brooklinen makes the best there is at prices nobody can disagree with. The only downside? Five-star hotel beds are suddenly less impressive.

Quality Knives: Material Kitchen Three Knife & Stand Set, $200

Don't be caught trying to cook up a storm without knives that are satisfyingly sharp and beautifully designed. One of your best bets is this three-piece set from Material Kitchen that comes with a stylish, space-saving, kitchen-upgrading storage base crafted from walnut.

Powerful Soundbar: Sonos Beam, $399

Nothing will transform your television experience quite like a soundbar. It's the audio equivalent of jumping from a BlackBerry circa 2008 to an iPhone XS Max. The Sonos Beam is our favorite in the category as it not only looks great and sounds great but is a breeze to set up and easily integrates with other Sonos speakers around your home. 

Eye-Catching Art: House of Spoils Framed Photographs, $150+

Blank walls can get boring. Add a little oomph to your home with some seriously stylish wall art courtesy House of Spoils, a new gallery concept from our friend Max Samis that curates stunning, framed, actually affordable lifestyle photography from some of our favorite shooters. (Shout out to Ted Gushue.) 

Incredible Hand Wash: Byredo Vetyver Hand Wash, $60

Nothing separates the pros from the joes like kitchen and bathroom hand wash that looks stellar, smells stellar and feels stellar. Byredo not only makes our favorite fragrance, Sunday Cologne, but they're also responsible for some of the best soap on the market. Once you really go for it, you'll never go back to the standard issue stuff again.