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Want to build a pool house or guest house on your property? How 'bout an office space? In-law cave?

Good luck obtaining permits and managing an exhausting mix of architects and contractors. 

It's a lot to juggle.

Thankfully, Cover has entered the picture.

Here's what they do: everything. All at a flat, fixed rate.

The one-stop-shop starts with an assessment of your property, then customizes the design to your liking, provides a 3D tour to confirm the layout, coordinates with city officials and obtains any necessary permits, and then installs the entire structure in just a week or two while handling every headache, from foundation/utility hookups to plumbing to electrical.

Each unit is available in both studio and one-bedroom sizes and kitted with quality, including floor-to-ceiling windows that blend the inside of your home with the outside, Wolf Sub-Zero appliances, Kohler faucets and wall-mounted toilets, beautiful built-in storage space, and embedded LED track lighting.

The only thing you're responsible for is the Eames chair....