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Here's a few classic and cool lamps that will upgrade any home. They're so good looking, it's impossible to go wrong with any of 'em.

Task Lab Light: Re-purposed from science laboratory stands and featuring an elegant twisted cloth cord, this is the perfect light to have on your bedside table. ($225)

Ion Lamp: Inspired by cool-as-hell 19th century industrial lighting, this lamp is simple homage to Thomas Edison's greatest invention. The light gives off a nice candle-like warmth, making it a solid look for intimate spaces--like the bedroom. ($99)

Graduate Lamp: A simple art deco style makes this the ideal lamp for your workspace. ($199)

Princeton Desk Lamp: Made of heavy gauge and solid American brass, this adjustable lamp might be traditionally used on a desk, but also feels right at home in other places too. Try a side table or even something like the example photo above. ($229)

Studio Desk Lamp: Perfectly mixes mid-century and  industrial-inspired design for lamp that will feel right in any home. ($225) 

Landau Lamp: Clean lines and a brash finish make this one a more interesting take on the simple "Pixar-style" lamp. ($325)

Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp: With natural brass tripod legs accented with hand-turned solid walnut, this sleek and cool floor lamp is a worthy addition to any kind of bachelor pad. ($599)

Orb Lab Light: Chances are, you've never a lamp that looks quite like this. The hand-blown glass globe gives it a mod look, but the base and details like the hanging cloth cord and industrial-style base warm it up. Case in point--whether your home is as contemporary as can be or the complete opposite--this bad boy will work wonderfully. ($219)