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Are CBD Blankets the Next Big Thing?

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Curfew is a new wellness brand committed to helping people sleep better with CBD. And though they kicked things off with the usual answers like an oil blend applied under the tongue and a "body butter" cream, they just released something a little left-of-center and a lot more interesting: a CBD-infused blanket. Yes, for real.

Designed to provide the ultimate relaxation, the cozy blanket is infused with patented, micro-encapsulated beads that release CBD through friction. It lasts for approximately 20 wash cycles, which estimates to roughly two years of daily use.

Though we haven't had the chance to try this ourselves, we have lots of tasteful and trustworthy friends who swear by a subtle CBD routine before bed. If you're on the same page as them or simply on the hunt for natural help with things like inflammation or anxiety, head right here to score.