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This Anthology From Cult Design Mag 'Cabana' Is a Home Library Must-Have

If you're into interior design you've no doubt come across Cabana, the lavish biannual bible of decorative beauty based in London, printed in Italy, and distributed wherever good taste reigns supreme. Each issue is a limited edition with fabric covers, special printing techniques, a mix of paper stock and other flourishes that make them collector's items in their own right.

Inside you'll find everything from Scottish castles to Ralph Lauren's ranch in Colorado (above), sumptuously photographed and gorgeously laid out. The Vendome Press' recently released compendium, Cabana Anthology, now available on Amazon, is, of course, full of gorgeous images. But what makes it even more of a must-have is the replication of the magazine's printing techniques, with different paper stocks and even whole sketchbooks inserted within.

Alongside the spectacular photos you'll find the very best stories, profiles, and interviews from Cabana’s first five years, all edited by the magazine's founder Martina Mondadori Sartogo. "From the simplest object to the rarest collectible, from rural huts to cosmopolitan dwellings, Cabana explores the intellectual and emotional intimacy that creative people share with buildings and their surroundings, while also celebrating the passion and endurance of artisanal creations," Vendome says, noting that above all Sartogo "champions interiors that are authentic, layered in history, and deeply personal."