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Does It Get Any Better Than This Clocktower Penthouse?

Fine living.
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Brooklyn’s famed 1914 landmark Clocktower Building is one of the coolest homes we've ever laid eyes on, which is why it's so crazy to us that it took nearly six years to find a buyer.

According to TopTenRealEstateDeals, it first listed in 2010 at a cool $25 million, where it sat unsold for years. It recently moved to listing agent Corocan, where they quickly sold the properly at an updated price point – $18 million.

Featuring a gigantic 14’ clock face window and three other large clock-windows (that are electronically synchronized for easy maintenance) there's truly not another place on Earth that looks like this.

There's even crazy views of the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, and Manhattan.

Other than the giant clock windows, there's something else that is sure to drop the jaws of every house guest – a glass elevator that takes you from the main floor to the master suite. Tony Stark approves.