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Brighten Up Your Bedside With One Of These Design Driven Lamps

The real deal.
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Add some serious warmness to a special spot in your house (we think these look especially primetime on nightstands) thanks to these gorgeously glowing lamps from A-Lamp

Handmade in the United States, every aspect from wiring the electric cords to fulfilling orders is done in their in-home Oregon studio, so you know you're getting a unique, specially made lamp for your pad and not something mass produced in a gross factory for a chain store.

Each lamp even comes with an Edison bulb included, so that old-timey warmness and industrial look is good to go straight out of the box. There are three different styles to choose from and each include a built-in infinite dimmer — making it super easy to go from "studying for an exam" to "romantic dinner" in milliseconds.

Starting at just under $100, it's super hard to go wrong with one of these intersting, unique lamps. Never deal with overly bright and fluorescent lighting in your place again.