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We’re obsessed with Industry West’s catalog of modern furniture. All of the brand’s pieces are accessible yet refined, and they don’t compromise on immediately recognizable aesthetics like other home décor brands.

While the company is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2021, they’ve truly hit their stride recently with sharp pieces like the Compass Lounge Chair series. There are two design variations, one with padded arms and one with wooden arms, each with varying color and materials options.

What sets this beauty apart is a durable build complemented by a smart design. Leaning back in its angled frame without a satisfyingly deep exhalation is a nearly impossible task. The subdued white boucle fabric is a solid choice for rooms suffering from too much black or brighter colors. Meanwhile, the black ash rattan will impart a sophistication befitting of a high-class study in residential Malibu.

And given the bafflingly affordable $690 USD (pre-discounts), the time to act is now. Most variations ship out within a few days, and ever-clever AIROWS readers can save some cabbage with discount code "AIROWS20" checkout. And if you’re understandably skeptical of longevity for such an accessible price point, Industry West’s unmatched product warranties will assuage those fears.