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Level Up Your Space With Basalt's Stylish (and Affordable) Candles

If you've ever splurged on an absurdly expensive luxury candle, you've probably felt the need to "savor" and thus never use it.

Thankfully, Basalt has a better way.

Not only are their soy wax candles hand-poured into mini industrial paint cans, sealed to keep the fragrance at its freshest and dripping with beautiful label design but they come in at half the price of similar options. Thus, no sweat burning regularly and enjoying constantly.

Their two signature scents are Sweet Tobacco, which mixes together notes of tobacco, vanilla, peppercorn and whiskey, and Dark Tides, with a whirlwind of sea salt, musk, lavender and cedar.

Stylish scents don't get much better than this, so pick up one for your place here and prepare to be hooked.