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This Book Collects All the Best Interior Design on the Planet

German luxury imprint teNeues has embarked on one of the most ambitious projects in publishing – putting together compendiums of the world's best examples of some subjects we truly love in gorgeous, oversized coffee table book form.  

We recently told you about their edition on classic cars, and now they've turned their considerable talents to the interior design world. Interior Design Review: Best Interior Design on the Planet, now available on Amazon, collects some of the most stunning spaces ever photographed and definitely lives up to its name.

Editor Cindi Cook and author Tatjana Seel scoured the globe for impressive interiors with the sole criteria that the design be beautiful, not just excessively expensive or conforming to staid ideas of good taste. The emphasis is on Europe but that's no bad thing as our own environment tends to be overexposed. 

TeNeues selected 50 design visionaries to showcase in the extra-large, lavishly illustrated volume, and along with stunning photos the book contains vivid portraits and interviews as well interior trends, influences, and inspirations. Everything from "elaborate and all-encompassing refurbishment projects to transformative home improvements" is included can be found between the covers.

From architecturally stunning staircases to masterful contemporary kitchens and everything in between, Interior Design Review will appeal to everyone from Pinterest decorators to experts in the interior design world, and makes an excellent addition to any coffee table or library shelf. As with the classic cars book, it's a work of art in and of itself.

"A home is not only a refuge, but also an expression of personal style," the authors note, "be it strict minimalism, elegant opulence, or a pastiche of different cultures." And it's the latter that we like most of all, the captivating result when a designer mixes, say, industrial with rustic and elegant coming up with something utterly unique and incalculably stylish.

There may well be the residences of certain famous people included in the book – hell, we'd bet money on it – but though their names are not revealed you can still see that most of these are no ordinary abodes; which should in no way dissuade you from incorporating ideas from them into your own dwelling, no matter how humble.