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Declutter Your Wardrobe With This Japanese-Designed Clothing Rack

The score.
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Think of Yamazaki as IKEA's much cooler cousin, providing Japanese-designed home furnishings at unbeatable prices for over 100 years. Their primary mission is to declutter and organize through thoughtful aesthetics, with a less-is-more mentality that reaches every product in their catalog.

One of our favorite offerings from their team is this beautiful clothing rack that lets you display your favorite wardrobe essentials like the pieces of art they are, turning any bedroom into something straight out of a MR PORTER photo shoot.  

On top of putting key pieces on display, there are also more practical uses for the clothing rack, like organizing your closet behind closed doors or acting as the most stylish drying rack a laundry room has ever seen.

No matter the use, there should definitely be a place for one or two of these in your pad. At only $69/each, how can you say no?