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The World's Best Bath Towel Is Back In Black

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On the hunt for the best premium bath towel in the world? Onsen is the play.

Yes, they look stylish. Yes, the waffle texture feels outstanding against your skin. Yes, it laps what top luxury hotel offers. But what really separates them from the pack is two things:

First, they dry themselves with incredible speed and ease. This prevents musty smells, mold, and mildew from developing and keeps your bathroom and skin unbeatably fresh and healthy.

Second, standard bath towels go through a chemical bath so feel fluffy from the jump before quickly washing away. Onsen, on the other hand, builds in softness from the start and bypasses these cheap tricks for a natural and ultra-plush surface.

And for those who love stealthy style as much as we do, we're happy to report that the exclusive all-black-everything version of the towel is back in stock right here and ready to level up your mornings, mood, and overall bathroom aesthetic.

It's available as a single bath towel, which will set you back $50 USD, as well as a three-piece set, which comes in at $75 USD. In addition to the bath towel, the latter also features a hand towel (18" x 30") and face towel (12" x 12").