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Industry West’s New Acrylic Collection is All Breezy Modernism

Acrylic has been around since the 1930s, but it’s never really seemed to go out of style. And that’s never felt truer than during the summer when the longest spells of sunlight pair perfectly with acrylic’s reflective and often multicolored surfaces.

So this new drop from Industry West arrives at an apex moment. Created by NZ-based United Strangers, designer Logan Komorowski lives up to his studio’s moniker by uniting multiple colors, mediums, and layers in the acrylics-themed collection. The color consistency across this collection gives it serious style appeal, and it doesn’t hurt that sustainable materials are at the core of their oeuvre.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Fragments Coffee Table

File under “statement centerpiece.” If the middle of your living room benefits from some top-notch afternoon sunbeams, this could be the coffee table of your daydreams.

Heritage Artwork

This multi-dimensional art can easily work as a floorstanding piece in the right room. Or perhaps on a large cabinet shelf… if you’re feeling especially ambitious, try it on an interior windowsill. Refract away.

Capsule Side Table

An instant classic, thanks to its distinctive shape. And with its sunken surface’ groove details, it’s highly practical as either an end table or even a nightstand.

Rising Sun Magazine Rack

The humble magazine rack is one of the most overlooked pieces of home décor. As we like to say often here, this one is the perfect combination of form and function.

Elements Side Table

We saved the best for last. Combining ash wood, a smoky grey acrylic piece with bent edges and CNC grooves for extra beverage traction, this one really ties the room together.