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Cool Chairs Made From Original Parts Of '80s Italian Scooters

Mellow out in recognizable comfort from designers Bel & Bel.

Reusing authentic scooter chassis', Bel & Bel have created an original and unique model of the (often mundane) swivel chair. The result from the creative and contemporary artists out of Barcelona is a strikingly cool Scooter Chair. 

Each chair is handmade and fabricated in full from the Spanish assemblers and individually numbered to make them part of an exclusive, limited edition series. 

Like a legendary Italian scooter, the plush chair has a strong, reinforced unibody supported by a hydraulic piston base to allow for maximum comfort, making every height welcome to relax.   

These snazzy, custom-made armchairs surely invoke nostalgic emotion for all who love the classic and iconic scooter era. We're into it.