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This Might Be the World's Coolest Treehouse

Bringing the power of elements to life.

What happens when you commission a world-renowned treehouse architect and leading interior designer? Look up next time you're nearby the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee and you'll spot the rustic result of a 360-square-foot space with countrified charm and modern amenities. 

Dove Men+Care brought in the host of Treehouse Masters and the founder of Bright Bazaar to model the Elements Treehouse via the ingredients from their new Elements grooming range. 

Nature-inspired ingredients fill the bedroom through décor such as sage bedding, charcoal-etched wall art, and sandalwood wall accents.

The bathroom feels like a “spa in the sky,” featuring a glass-enclosed tree, skylights, and windows to bring the outside-in as guests experience a transformative feeling of freshness among the trees.

Who knew marching orders from a grooming brand could lead to such a cool spot?