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The San Fransisco-based duo behind Basik Candle Co. tested many popular waxes when launching their company. The normal stuff – paraffin, soy, you name it - just wasn't doing it. They got the job done, sure, but they weren't powerfully filling a room with a beautiful (but not overwhelming) scent. You'd get whiffs on occasion but nothing that would constantly throw your sniffer into overdrive.

Then they discovered coconut wax.

Not only is it extremely clean burning and reduces the impact on the planet, but it has an amazing scent throw that fills large spaces with absolute ease. You walk into a room with a coconut wax candle going and you instantly take note.

Each fragrance they developed, from Oakmoss + Amber to Teakwood + Leather, strikes a good balance between masculine and feminine and feels Earthy and natural without losing any sophistication. Every candle is also housed in a super cool matte black jar for an added dosage of style points. They look as good as they smell.

Now available for a price that's more than reasonable for a premium candle with a 40-hour burn time, one or two of these would be a fine addition to any tasteful home.