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Meet the Ultimate DIY Home Office

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WFH life has many people rethinking their home workspace, especially if they don't have a private bedroom or office for their battle station. 

But moving doesn't have to be the only option. Nor does turning back to the clock and revisiting a daily, traffic-filled commute. 

Thankfully, however, Autonomous — a new kind of architecture studio — has an easy, elegant, surprisingly affordable solution with their new DIY office/studio.

The Pod, as it's called, can be assembled in just eight hours by two people and is made with a layered combination pairing a wooden frame and stunning floor-to-ceiling glass facade with plywood, foam insulation, asphalt, and composite wood.

It's weatherproof, of course. And leveled perfectly, courtesy of the adjustable foundation that quickly forms to any type of backyard terrain. A sleek ventilation system keeps things fresh. A heating/cooling keeps things comfortable. And it's pre-wired for plug-and-play.

Priced at $19,000 USD, head here for more details on purchasing.