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This Modern Home Has A Very Cool Natural Ventilation System

Turning up the heat on functionality-first design.

Take in the architectural sights of a unique home with the environmental factors as the number one source of essential inspiration. Full-service architectural firm with roots in New York City and the East End of Long Island for over 50 years, Bates Masi + Architects machined a specific house in Amagansett, New York that exploits its natural, surrounding dunes. 

Its site conditions, and location whereabouts, commanded specialized detail – constant coastal winds, rolling sandy dunes, and harsh summer afternoon glares were all accounted for during design conception. 

Custom, canvas louvers were created that motor a natural ventilation system that not only cools the house with Summer breezes, but also pulls the scent of its lavender garden through every room. No need for unkempt air-fresheners. 

Its interiors match the open, exterior aesthetic – we dig the naturally lit patterns of light manufactured from the ornamental louver patterns.

If all regional architecture was based not on style, but on its natural habitat we would commission Bates Masi + Architects each and every time. In a champion effort, the team's result is an example of everlasting design that will outduel its environmental factors with ease – and elegance.