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13 Stunning Photos of Vintage Airstreams

It's called "the Rolls-Royce of travel trailers" for a reason.
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An American icon, the Airstream travel trailer is luxurious, perfectly designed, oddly iconic, and the absolute coolest room on wheels. Here's a few stunning vintage photos of the thing, which are highlighted in the book Airstream: America’s World Traveler by Patrick Foster, a worthy edition to any coffee table.

"For those with less time on their hands a quick trip to Florida was always a easy choice to make. Imagine parking your trailer right on the beach, with sand and palm trees all around you. The white sports car barely visible to the right is an early 1960’s Fiat."

"The always-popular Ford Country Squire station wagon was another ideal tow vehicle in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This 1967 model is towing an Airstream in beautiful Hawaii."

"Stopping to pick flowers in San Francisco in 1964, with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. The car is a 1964 Cadillac, and the trailer is an Airstream Land Yacht."

"We can spot Andy Charles’ Ford pick-up and Airstream trailer parked in front of a fabulous building, which is the Charminar (sometimes spelled Char Minar) a monument and mosque built in 1591 Hyderabad, Telegana, India. Charminar means Four Towers in the Urdu language."

"A great spot to see while in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe, as this western-garbed couple could attest. Begun in 1806 under orders of the Emperor Napoleon, this monument was created to honor his Grand Army’s victories."

"Wally Byam (Airstream founder) was a good showman and had a great sense of humor. Here he combined both by showing off two Airstream trailers at once – the larger ‘Nursery” and smaller “Mother-in-Law” apartment. Notice the signs in the windows that point out some of the best features of the sturdy Airstreams."

"People who travel via Airstream get to see more of the world than folks who fly or take the train. Here we see one traveler looking at beautiful Sveti Stefan, an island connected by causeway to the mainland in Montenegro about four miles southeast of Budva."

"This photo, from the Airstream corporate archives, shows a family enjoying their vacation in style. The car appears to be a circa 1948 Studebaker, and it’s towing a large Airstream trailer of the same vintage. Judging by the Spanish moss hanging in the trees we’ll say this is somewhere south of the Mason Dixon line."

"The most luxurious Airstream, the Limited, even came with folding chairs bearing the Limited name. This older couple look very happy as they camp in a lovely spot in view of a majestic range of mountains."

"Here’s the exterior view of the Airstream Funeral Coach, circa 1982. It was a decent idea, having one vehicle that could take the place of several. The flowers went into the rear hatch area, as shown, while the casket went into the side carrier space. Mourners rode inside the spacious passenger compartment, which was nicely trimmed and featured individual seats plus a couch at the rear."

"We don’t know where this photo was taken- probably Florida- but any woman who looks that good in a swimsuit deserves to have her picture in this book."

"Two of the big advantages of the Airstream trailer is its extra snug insulation and its fine heating system, which combined help to make wintertime touring possible."

"Always a popular tourist destination, Taos, New Mexico gives visitors a look at an ancient civilization, with local Native Americans."