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The Hotel Fasano Boa Vista

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Two big shots in their respected industries, architect Isay Weinfeld and restauranteur/hotel mogul Rogerio Fasano have joined forced to create the Fasano Boa Vista, a sprawling and beautiful hotel filled with luxuries ranging from an Arnold Palmer golf course to fifteen individual lakes. The building is a beautiful mix of wood and glass throughout, giving it a very modern look and feel. The juxtaposition of its modernism in a very outdoorsy setting is a wonderful mix. The most impressive (and unique) thing about this hotel is its giant equestrian center. Hotel guests can venture the lakes, forests and fields surrounding the place during their stay by horseback.






The Hotel Fasano Boa Vista is located at Fazenda Boa Vista, in the municipality of Porto Feliz, 100 km from São Paulo, with access from Highway Castello Branco. Head over to their website if you're interested in booking a room. You won't regret the splurge.