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Here's How to Get the Revamped and Refreshed Sonos App

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Sonos overhauled its app experience this week with a flashy new icon and a sleeker design alongside support for higher resolution audio and increased security. The only problem? You'll have to download it yourself, as it's an entirely new and separate app from what you already have on your phone.

They did this because the company has broken up its product line into two categories: S1 and S2. And the new app won't support playback for S1 speakers and components, so the old app has been rebranded as a "legacy" player for earlier releases. Unfortunately, the old app didn't auto-update into the new S2 app, but rather the new S1 app. Thus, the need to manually download.

If your Sonos system is already established — and assuming you're not using a first-generation Play:5 speaker —  make sure to head to the App Store or Google Play Store asap to get the latest and greatest. It's live now and quite impressive, delivering smarter configuration settings amongst other notable upgrades to the ecosystem.