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Limited Edition Office Chair Pays Homage To The Greatest Sports Cars On Earth

More furniture should be inspired from high-end supercars.

These Vaya Limited Edition chairs take design cues from some of our favorite automakers and elegantly forge seating worthy of any office-garage. Signed and numbered, the designer responsible is none other than Ken Okyama – who also has current generation Maserati and the Ferrari Enzo under his resume. 

You can choose from featured colors – Racing Red, Azur, and Alabaster – which all feature sharp-lined finishes, hand-tooled leather, and engineered to maximize your comfort as it adjusts to your every turn. 

Be privy to heritage features – ergonomic comfort, shock-absorbing convenience, and intuitive controls that can be easily adjusted while seated – you'd normally find in an expensive, luxury car owner's manual. 

For a premium price of $6,000, it's designed to support correct posture and advertised as the, 'Most Comfortable Office Chair on Earth.' While this Limited Edition piece isn't low-end, it's furniture design at 200mph inspired from auto-culture we appreciate and respect.