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URWERK Wraps New Watch in 52 Ultra-Thin Layers of Carbon

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URWERK has just revealed a new version of its UR-100V flagship watch featuring a specially developed case constructed from 52 ultra-thin layers of carbon compressed in an epoxy polymer resin. It weighs just 0.38 ounces.

“Carbon is a material dating back to the dawn of time. It is a raw material in the original sense of the term, a perfect URmaterial," notes Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of URWERK. "Carbon was also revered by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, the pioneers of defining time as we still know it today, and a strong reference at URWERK. Enclosing and protecting the cutting-edge technology used in our models in an ageless case is a contrast that I seek out and particularly appreciate."

The display of hours and minutes is also quite avant-garde, using a rotating satellite system with a multitude of hands appearing and reappearing throughout the day. It's a signature for the brand and one that works in perfect harmony with the experimental case.

Limited to just 25 examples worldwide, the UR-100V C52 draws its power from a 4Hz UR 12.02 automatic movement with 48 hours of power reserve and is finished off with a textured rubber strap complete with a folding clasp. 

Available here.