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This Credit Card Sized Power Bank Tucks In Your Wallet for Emergencies

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Is there anything worse than battery-anxiety? Well, sure. But technology-wise? Not exactly. Out and about. Traveling. Wherever, whenever. If you're on red without an outlet and wall charger in sight, it's nerve-racking.

There are plenty of portable power solutions for just that problem but none so slim and small, it can fit in your wallet. Yes, for real. Meet the Slim Boost from Tylt.

A rechargeable 1300 mAh internal battery provides up to one-half of a phone charge whenever you need it most. Just throw in your wallet and never be without emergency power again. The bank includes a hidden, built-in "arm" so you don't need to have an extra cable with you at all times and is available in your choice of Micro-USB or Lightning connector.

Now shipping in three different colors and priced at only $29, this is a stylish and downright affordable way to do portable power right. Thank us later....