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This Simple Mobile Phone Can Only Make Phone Calls And Has A Battery That Lasts 20 Days

Back to basics.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there's something a little appealing about going low-fi and living in a world where your phone isn't vibrating every single time a random person you went to college with liked an Instagram photo from 3 days ago.

Enter--Light, "a credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible."

It links to your normal phone and is meant to be used as little as possible. Perfect for those times you just want to disconnect but need something for a quick check in and emergencies.

It can also work independently, making it a great (and stylish) backup to have in a go bag or glove compartment.

You can keep 10 key numbers for speed dial, because in 2015, nobody living in the present remembers phone numbers outside of maybe their Mom and their significant other.

Priced at just $100, this isn't a bad purchase. You can pre-order by backing them on Kickstarter.