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This Non-Traditional Razor Uses A Laser To Shave Your Face

For the closest shave of your life.

It may look like a regular razor, but it's far from it. The Skarp uses LASERS to give you an incredibly close, irritation and razor burn free experience. 

For anybody who has to shave daily and deals with the pitfalls of traditional shaving often, this feels like it fell from the heavens.

There's no water needed (although you can use in the shower) and no need to ever buy refill cartridges. So even though it's a little pricey to buy into, you're not running to the grocery store ever month to spend $20 on new blades. 

With a ship date expected in March 2016,  these are currently going for $189 a pop. With over $2 MILLION raised on Kickstarter so far, there are a lot of people (us included) that are excited about this.